§ 6-2. Vehicles used in illegal transportation of alcoholic beverages; forfeiture  

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  • Any vehicle, vessel or aircraft used in the transportation or removal of or for the deposit or concealment of any illicit liquor still or stilling apparatus; any mash, wort, wash or other fermented liquids capable of being distilled or manufactured into an alcoholic beverage; or any alcoholic beverage commonly known and referred to as "moonshine whiskey" shall be seized and may be forfeited as provided by the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act (F.S. § 932.701 et seq.). Any sheriff, deputy sheriff, employee of the state division of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, or police officer may seize any of the vehicles, vessels or conveyances, and they may be forfeited as provided by law.

(Former Code, § 18-35)


Traffic and vehicles, ch. 70.


Similar provisions, F.S. § 562.27(6).