§ 2-151. Notices  

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  • (a) All notices required by this division shall be provided to the alleged violator by certified mail, return receipt requested; by hand delivery by the sheriff or other law enforcement officer, code inspector, or other person designated by the town manager; or by leaving the notice at the violator's usual place of residence with any person residing therein who is above 15 years of age and informing such person of the contents of the notice.

    (b) In addition to providing notice as set forth in subsection (a), at the option of the code enforcement board, notice may also be served by publication or posting, as follows:

    (1) a.
    Such notice shall be published once during each week for four consecutive weeks (four publications being sufficient) in a newspaper of general circulation in the county. The newspaper shall meet such requirements as are prescribed under F.S. ch. 50 for legal and official advertisements.

    b. Proof of publication shall be made as provided in F.S. §§ 50.041 and 50.051.

    (2) c.
    In lieu of publication as described in subsection (1), such notice may be posted for at least ten days in at least two locations, one of which shall be the property upon which the violation is alleged to exist and the other of which shall be at the primary town office.

    d. Proof of posting shall be by affidavit of the person posting the notice, which affidavit shall include a copy of the notice posted and the date and places of its posting.

    (3) Notice by publication or posting may run concurrently with or may follow an attempt to provide notice by hand delivery or by mail as required under subsection (a).

    Evidence that an attempt has been made to hand deliver or mail notice as provided in subsection (a), together with proof of publication or posting as provided in subsection (b), shall be sufficient to show that the notice requirements of this division have been met, without regard to whether or not the alleged violator actually received such notice.

(Ord. No. 94-47, § 11, 6-28-94; Ord. No. 2000-04, § 1, 3-28-00)


Similar provisions, F.S. § 162.12.