§ 50-20. Vagrants  

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  • (a) The following shall be deemed vagrants:

    (1) Rogues, vagabonds, idle or dissolute persons who go about begging;

    (2) Common gamblers;

    (3) Persons who use juggling or unlawful games or plays;

    (4) Common pipers and fiddlers;

    (5) Common drunkards;

    (6) Common night walkers;

    (7) Thieves, pilferers, traders in stolen property;

    (8) Lewd, wanton and lascivious persons;

    (9) Keepers of gambling places;

    (10) Common railers and brawlers;

    (11) Persons who neglect their calling or employment or are without reasonable continuous employment or regular income and who have not sufficient property to sustain themselves and misspend what they earn without providing for themselves or for the support of their families;

    (12) Persons wandering or strolling around from place to place without any lawful purpose or object, habitual loafers, idle and disorderly persons;

    (13) Persons neglecting all lawful business and habitually spending their time by frequenting houses of ill fame, gaming houses or tippling shops;

    (14) Persons able to work but habitually living upon the earnings of their wives or minor children; and

    (15) All ablebodied persons over the age of 18 years who are without means of support and remain in idleness.

    (b) Vagrants shall be punished as provided in section 1-11

(Former Code, § 18-34)